Wuhan Tianyuan Environmental Protection Group

Wuhan Tianyuan Environmental Protection Group is located in Wuhan, which is a thoroughfare of nine provinces. Since its establishment, the group has adhered to the corporate tenet of "creating first-class enterprises, first-class talents, and first-class projects" ...

  1. 信心立业之源;信用,立业之本;人和,立业之魂;武汉天源追求三者完美结合统一 Basic expressions: the source of confidence in starting a business; credit, the foundation of starting a business; Renhe, the spirit of starting a business; Wuhan Tianyuan pursues the perfect combination of the three
  2. 以信为本,以和为贵 Core Values: Belief-based, peace-oriented
  3. 天源还您一个清新的世界 Corporate vision: Tianyuan returns you a fresh world
  4. 经纬纵横质为本,厚德载物诚为先 Enterprise policy: Jingwei vertical and horizontal quality-oriented, Houdezaiwucheng first
  5. 用实力铸就辉煌,用诚信赢得市场 Corporate philosophy: build strength with strength, win market with integrity
  1. 中枢核心,宏观控制 Decision-making level: central core, macro control
  2. 组织,协调,管理 Management: organization, coordination, management
  3. 目标转化为具体行动 Executive level: Goals translate into specific actions
  4. Common goal, close collaboration
  1. 天源创立以来,感恩社会,积极承担社会责任,尽己所能投身到各项社会公益活动之中,为促进社会和谐进步、共赢发展做出不懈的探索和努力。 Social Responsibility: Since its establishment, Tianyuan has been grateful to the society, actively assumed social responsibility, devoted itself to various social welfare activities, and made unremitting explorations and efforts to promote social harmony and progress and win-win development.

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